amy's sister

on a recent trip to nyc i, at times, felt i lost my identity. it was taken from me. i had a hard time being amy's sister.


sent from amy 21/07/2011

just came back from the city on bike and was dripping with sweat and when i got to my street they had the fire hydrant blasting - a really strong jet. so i went home got changed and went and stood in it. there were some other random adults bu mainly a bunch of kids screaming. then one guy at the hydrant with a in can with no ends and he puts it over the jet and directs it. everyone stands on the other side of the st and waits to get blasted. kinda fun.

not sure if my neighbours thought i was weird

i liked the image of my sister being a lone 'adult' among a bunch of kids. i wished i could have joined her.

playing in the sprinklers in roger and ruth's garden sometime in the 90's. black and purple swimsuits.

playing in the paddling pool in the backyard at no 9 bankhall road sometime in the 80's. naked bodies splashing in the sun.

mama. mama?

i was thinking about children and suddenly i thought 'will our children think they have two mums?!'